A Skateboard Allegory

A few years ago as I was pondering Doctrine and Covenants 14:7 “…and endure to the end…” and I had an epiphany that enduring to the end is like riding a skateboard up a slight incline in order to draw closer to God and all the blessings he has waiting for us. This has helped me on multiple levels to be willing to persevere through trials, and keep on trying: 1) riding a skateboard only works if you are facing in the correct direction—in this case uphill; if you’re not facing in the correct direction, you know what the first step is; if you are facing in the correct direction, give yourself credit for what you’re already doing right; 2) going uphill takes work and isn’t always easy (sometimes it’s fun even though it takes work); the scriptures teach us that life is meant to have tests and trials (and we make some trials harder than they have to be), but that we learn and grow stronger from being willing to work through trials; 3) a skateboard works by having one foot on the skateboard and one foot pushing; sometimes we feel tired, or that we deserve a break, (some even feel that they’ve done enough) and are tempted to place both feet on the skateboard and coast—which would work if we were riding the skateboard on level ground or even downhill, but remember that we are riding this skateboard up a slight incline—if we stop pushing and intend to coast on the incline, we actually go backwards and lose progress we’ve worked hard to make. This comparison helps me to be patient and to endure. I’m not competing with anyone or trying to win a footrace, I’m trying to check that I’m facing in the correct direction and continuing to work so I can keep going uphill to my ultimate destination—eternal life. It’s not a perfect metaphor or simile, but it helps me, and so I’ve often shared it with my children and with others. I know God loves us and is aware of our trials, and that he helps us with our trials when we ask him for help and we are willing to keep trying to draw closer to Him.

3 thoughts on “A Skateboard Allegory”

  1. I liked reading this. It also made me realize that my children are not as familiar with a skateboard as they are with a scooter.
    Our driveway is inclined, and this would be a fun Uncle Bryan lesson to try in person.

  2. I do like this. Thank you for sharing it. It is a very good analogy/ allegory. I’ll have to remember it. I will use it for a tho’t when I need to give the tho’t & prayer at the FSL (Family Search Library–our new name since the first of the year.

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